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    Way of Fighting Nicely: PS3/PC Arcade Stick

    This fighting stick is designed to be used with PS3 and PC. It covers all the basic functions of regular joysticks. But the first thing to catch your attention would probably be the image of the characters in Way of the Samurai 3 on its surface. The main character is added on the left side of the fighting stick, taking up a large space of the surface, while two other characters are found on the right part.

    There are twelve buttons, eight of which are usual commanding buttons, designed according to the shape of usual human hands. Therefore, users will find it comfortable to use and press. For those who are used to play with arcade sticks, the layout of the buttons is a very familiar one, so no difficulty will be encountered.









    The other four buttons are functional buttons, including Start, Select, Turbo and PS3. The PS3 buttons can be used for full console control. Along with them are the indicating lights of the functions.









    Underneath of the fighting stick are four stickers that hold it firmly to the surface it is on. Therefore, the whole thing will stay stably when you move it extensively during the games.









    Given the stylish design and the arcade style, it would be quite satisfactory to use it with your favorite action or fighting games.

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