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    PC/P3/P4/X360/X1 5in1 Controller Converter(Bulk) received today, only 7 days to reach the north of Spain, when usually takes around 60 days. That's amazing. , great product with a great price, only in Superufo. Thanks Superufo.

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    Many people had seen the Wii Remote before. The Wii Remote is different from other game controllers because the Wii Remote can detect the position and movement of the player to control the game.


    PS3 / PC Motion 3D controller has the same functions as the Wii Remote. All you have to do is plug in the 2.4Ghz Wireless Receiver into your PS3, PC or MAC and can play without installing any software.




    The Wireless Receiver is about the same look and size as a USB Flash Drive.



    Buttons position and look similar to Wii.



    It requires 3 AAA batteries.



    The Turbo key can automatically keep pressing the same key for you. You can use it as a normal controller when you turn it horizontally.



    Put it on the steering wheel for racing games.




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